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Tech has the ability to make the world a better place for everyone. We are proving that one sector at a time

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" The future is the imaginal activity of man in its creative march"


What They Say About Us

Since 2020, we have been privileged to work some young and innovative business owners, firms and individuals
Here is what they have to say about us
Cynthia S.

The Best Team to ask!

We had a lot to do work, properly monitoring the entire team spread across three African countries wasn't easy coming, as a result we lost time, money and general coordination. but then, things changed after Amanda recommended Rox Technologies Limited to me. I paid for consultancy, they asked a few questions and the email we got two days later has changed our organization till date. we just changed a few things here and there, installed and set up some apps Roxtech recommended. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND their services to everyone!

Cynthia S.

Director, Finer Earth
Ms Millet - Australia

This team is a window to Africa

In 2020, we couldn't travel due to travel restrictions. We desperately needed a report from a Northern Nigerian state. Someone recommended RoxTech and they gave us more than we expected in a few days. I call them the window to Africa .We hope for more opportunities to work with this team, but till then, I strongly recommend them to anyone

Ms Millet - Australia

Bank Executive
Lucky Sam - SA

Fast delivery

I have been exchanging my digital assets with Rox Tech. they usually have the best market rates for both usdt and other assets

Lucky Sam - SA

Software Engineer

The Rox ORBS

Our Work Process

By keen observation, we identify problems or possible modifications in over 8 sectors and inject just enough Tech where needed to close revenue gaps

Step 1


We observe sectors where Tech Solutions are needed

Step 2


Understudy the problem and identify exactly how Tech or Common sense can solve it

Step 3


We build lasting solutions that makes life and business easier

Step 4


Sell our solutions


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South Africa’s Amazon Development Centre may be cancelled

Amazon may dismiss plans to construct the Amazon Development Centre ...

Cassava Technologies secures $50m investment

Cassava Technologies, Africa’s integrated tech company of continental scale, announced ...


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1. What services do you offer?

We offer general Tech services ranging from supply of tech products to developing websites and apps that solve specific problems

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To access our products, kindly click on 'shop' in the menu

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Simply send an email to or call +2348057909624

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